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Lorraine Dearden

Lorraine Dearden is currently part of the leadership team of the new English Administrative Data Research Centre which is facilitating administrative data linkage across government departments in the UK and is involved in leading the research agenda for the Centre. Lorraine’s particular interest is on linking the extensive English schools and higher education data to economic and health data in order to answer policy relevant questions.  She is also involved as a CI on the Next Steps (LSYPE1) panel survey which is now in the field and part of the new ESRC funded Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE).

Most of her recent research utilises administrative data or administrative data linked to surveys. Her research focuses on the impact of education and training on labour market outcomes and company performance; evaluation of education and labour market policies; impact of month of birth on childhood and adult outcomes; income support for students on school and college participation; the evaluation of childcare, home learning environment and early years policies on children’s and parents’ outcomes; looked after children; ethnic inequality and discrimination; the determinants of the demand for different types of schooling; higher education funding issues; intergenerational income and education mobility; and programme evaluation issues and methods.

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